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Coloring pages: Forestry and fishing in rural Georgia

Whether you're in north or south Georgia, you are sure to see an abundance of Georgia's forests and wildlife, including fish. Did you know Georgia is consistently ranked the #1 Forestry State in the nation? In addition, Georgia is one of the most biologically diverse states in the nation when it comes to wildlife. Rural Georgia sure has a lot to offer it's residents.

We wanted to highlight Georgia's forestry industry and fishing through our coloring pages, so you can see for yourself how cool the two are!


Working forests cover more than 67 percent of the state. That's a lot of trees! But, if you love Parmesan cheese, smartphones and TV screens, candles, and crayons, we have Georgia's forests to thank for those items. More than 5,000 products are derived from Georgia's forests.

Forests are home to a number of animals, including mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians.

Georgia’s forestry industry contributes more than $36.5 billion to the economy annually.

You can read more about Georgia's forests over on a recent blog post!

You can download a cool coloring sheet on forestry here.


Fishing can be so much fun, whether you're fishing at a river, pond, lake, or the ocean. In fact, more than one million resident anglers fish in the state of Georgia. Anglers, collectively in the state, spend more than 8.7 million days a year on the water.

If you're fishing for trout, grouper, or anything in between, we've got quite the variety in the state of Georgia!

You can download a coloring sheet about fishing here.

Check back next month for more coloring and activity pages!


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