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Forever Blue and Gold in rural Georgia

By Loren Lindler

If you've ever had the opportunity to put on that blue corduroy jacket, you know the impact it can have on someone's life. They say those blue jackets hold stories of their own. For an organization that has been around since 1928, many people across the state of Georgia have strong roots in FFA.

Whether attending Summer Leadership Camp, competing in livestock shows and Career Development Events, or being on an officer team, Georgia FFA allows for ample opportunities for leadership and personal growth. In fact, many may say that FFA has led them to where they are today.

Georgia FFA has certainly grown and changed over the years, but despite those changes, the goal remains the same: premier leadership, personal growth, and career success. With these goals in mind, there are many people with a hand in that success, especially agricultural education teachers.

Across the state of Georgia, there are over 475 agricultural education teachers - high school, middle school, and most recently, elementary school. If you've ever taken agricultural education classes, you know just how influential an agricultural education teacher can be on your life and career. These are the people that teach us the fundamentals of agriculture while providing us with many life lessons in the process.

In addition to the number of agricultural education teachers in the state, the Georgia FFA Association prides itself in being the third largest state association in the nation. With over 73,000 FFA members, Georgia FFA certainly has deep roots all across the state. Between middle and high school FFA, there are over 350 chapters in Georgia.

Georgia's largest industry, agriculture, is headquartered in rural Georgia, but since FFA spans from the north Georgia mountains to the south Georgia pines, everyone gets a little taste of rural life.

Georgia FFA has certainly had a major impact on many students over the years. And, if you've ever had the opportunity to wear that blue jacket, you know what it means to be forever blue and gold.

Happy National FFA Week, rural Georgia!


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