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ABAC is very excited to have the online portal, ABAC Connect, as the College’s primary means of sharing job and internship opportunities with current students and alumni.


Steps for employers:

As an employer, you can create your free account by visiting, and then clicking the New Employer button and select “free account.” After you’ve created your account, you will be directed to ABAC’s page.

From here, you can:

• Set up your employer profile • Add jobs and internships

If you already have an account, you may enter the ABAC Connect code, ABAC245, to access ABAC. In the meantime, the ABAC Connect team, including myself and the ABAC internship coordinators, will receive notification that you would like access to browse ABAC students’ profiles and resumes, post jobs and internship opportunities.

Steps to register:

• Build your employer profile. Students can follow your company’s actions within the site, kand a full profile attracts much more attention than an empty one. Don’t forget to upload your company’s logo. All of this is managed on the My Profile page of your ABAC Connect account.

• Once your connection is approved, you will receive a notification email to the address that you used to create your employer account. When you post jobs and internships, please be sure to set the status of the job or internship to Submit and then click Save at the bottom of the page when you are finished. This will submit the opportunity to our ABAC Connect team. A team member will review it and then set the status to “Published” for all ABAC students to view.

Steps for students:

As a student, you can create an account by visiting

From here, you can:

• Set up your student profile

• Find jobs and internships

Steps to use:

• Visit the ABAC Connect app in MyABAC
• Build your student profile using the tiles and features in the system
• Create and post your resume to be reviewed by a career coordinator

• Make your profile public in the settings so that employers can view your profile and resume
• Search for internships and jobs
• Apply through the ABAC Connect Portal or follow the employer’s instructions for applying

For more information:

Suzanne Bentley
School of Agriculture & Natural Resources

Kyle Basko
School of Arts & Sciences


Christy Blanchett
School of Nursing and Health Sciences
(229) 391-5024

Tia Kohler
Stafford School of Business


Dr. Darby Sewell
AVPAA, Engaged Learning


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