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Meet our team: Scott Blount

Updated: Apr 25

Rural Development Council

Scott Blount, center, is pictured here with Dr. David Bridges, center director, and leaders of the Georgia House of Representatives Rural Development Council.

Scott Blount serves the center as associate director. Blount is a native of Waycross, Georgia, and a graduate of the University of Georgia, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in agricultural economics. Prior to beginning his role as associate director of the Rural Center, Blount also completed a master’s degree at Valdosta State University while serving Abraham

Baldwin Agricultural College as director of special projects. Blount spent 11 years as the senior budget and policy analyst for the Georgia House of Representatives before joining the ABAC team. In that role, he oversaw the state’s higher education budgets. Drawing on his experience in state government, and after researching other states’ rural centers extensively, Blount, along with Dr. David Bridges, developed the initial concept that would be used to draft House Bill 951 and establish Georgia’s Rural Center.

What is one item that's produced in rural Georgia that you would not want to live without? "Might be an obvious one, but this time of year, the pecans for pecan pie are close to my heart!"


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