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Coloring pages: Rural Georgia roots

There are certainly a lot of roots in rural Georgia, and many of you are rooted in rural Georgia in your own ways. Maybe you live in rural Georgia, or take family vacations there. But, there are also a lot of roots in the plants and trees that we see each day.

Agriculture is Georgia's largest industry, so we thought a coloring page would be a great way to see some of rural Georgia's roots in two significant commodities - apples and cotton.


Apples are primarily grown in north Georgia. In fact, Ellijay is the Apple Capital of Georgia. In Georgia, there are many varieties, but the top varieties include:

  • Ozark Gold, Paulard (July – August)

  • Red Delicious, Golden Delicious (July – December)

  • Rome Beauty, Mutzu Crispin (August – December)

  • Empire, Jonagold, Jonathan (August – September)

  • Arkansas Black, Fuji, Granny Smith, Stayman Winesap and Yates (October – December)

Apple trees have very deep roots. Since the roots are so deep, they are able to reach deep moisture reserves in the ground, allowing them to stay hydrated during dry seasons.

You can download a coloring page for apple trees and their roots here.


Cotton is primarily grown in south Georgia. In fact, Georgia's cotton industry had more than a $792.7 million impact on the state in 2018. That's a lot of cotton! Have you ever seen cotton in a field? Cotton looks like white cotton candy, but this cool plant allows us to have clothes, books, and so much more.

When cotton plants grow, they have deep roots. The roots can be as deep as 10 inches in the first 3 weeks. Roots can grow up to 2 inches per day during the early stages of cotton, making them twice as long as the plant height.

You can download a coloring page for cotton plants and their roots here.

Check back next month for more coloring pages!


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