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Exploring rural Georgia: Sylvester

By Charley Lollis

If you've ever traveled along highway 82 between Tifton and Albany, you've probably passed through the Peanut Capital of the World. Since it is National Peanut Month, what better time than now to share about this happening town in rural Georgia - Sylvester.

In the heart of southwest Georgia in Worth County, over 5,000 people call Sylvester home. Besides the $23 million economic impact from peanut production annually, there are many other quirks Sylvester is known for, including their famous Dairy Queen.

The Dairy Queen in Sylvester is claimed to be unlike any other, and no matter the time of day, it is always packed. Whether you're grabbing a famous blizzard or lunch, the locals promise it's worth the wait.

Many locals are also very familiar with the duck pond located in Gervaise Lawhorne Park. Filled with lots of ducks, other wildlife, and a walking trail around the pond, this is a great way to enjoy nature in Sylvester. But, the duck pond isn't the only place to take in the great outdoors. There are five parks in the town, one of them including a splash pad for the kids.

Sylvester is also home to many locally-owned restaurants and businesses. Their Chamber of Commerce is continuing to promote, maintain, and enhance everything Sylvester has to offer to continue making it a premier place to live in rural Georgia.

One attraction that brings hundreds of people to Sylvester every year is the annual Georgia Peanut Festival. During October, vendors and visitors come from across the state to participate in the events throughout the week, including a parade, craft show, and live music.

Though the pandemic prohibited the town from hosting its annual festival in 2020, the 2021 festival planning is underway. The 57th Annual Georgia Peanut Festival will be held Oct. 15 - 16, and is sure to be a fun time for all. In fact, in 1987, the Georgia Peanut Festival broke the world record for making the World’s Largest Peanut Butter Sandwich (14 feet wide by 14 feet long and 2,650 pounds).

This small town right off of Highway 82 has so much more than just peanuts to offer rural Georgia. But, for National Peanut Month, we are thankful for the many jobs and businesses the peanut industry brings in. Sylvester, we are NUTS about you!


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