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Georgia Commodities by Region

In light of it being National Ag Month, we felt it was only fitting that we highlight the top commodities produced in the different parts of Georgia. Georgia holds many top honor titles for commodity production in the state such as broilers and peanuts. But, do you know what commodities are most often produced in each part of the state? Favorable weather in each region allows for longer growing seasons, which aid in helping Georgia produce a large number of commodities.

In the northern part of Georgia, one of the top commodities you can find is poultry. In the rather hilly and mountainous areas, poultry production largely consists of broiler production, adding $21 billion to the state’s economy in 2022. As you make your way through north Georgia, you will also find many ornamental horticulture greenhouses filled with floriculture and other landscape horticulture varieties, as well as apple orchards. Ornamental horticulture in north Georgia comprised $1.18 billion of Georgia's economy, while fruit contributed $732.64 million according to figures in 2022.

In central Georgia, if you make your way below the fall line, you can find peaches, watermelons, and cotton. These three commodities thrive in the sandy loam soil of central Georgia and add to the $1.15 billion that fruits and row crops contribute to the Georgia economy. With cotton placing at number two overall on the state’s top 10 commodities list, it comes as no shock that it is in the top three of central Georgia’s commodities. Cotton grows so well in Georgia’s soil and is also largely produced in South Georgia.

In the southern part of the state, you can also find peanuts, sweet corn, and onions. South Georgia’s sandy soil helps peanuts thrive, making up $667 million of the $69.4 billion that food and fiber production contributes to Georgia’s economy. Our well-known sweet Vidalia onions are just one variety of onions that help add $133 million to the total vegetable contribution for the state’s economy (Ag Snapshot 2022).

Agriculture has long been Georgia’s number one industry. The soil, climate, and farmers and ranchers make it possible for Georgia to have such a diversity of agricultural commodities, which add tremendous value to the economy.

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