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Project Update: Berrien County Marketing Strategic Plan

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

By Jessica Akins

Located in south-central Georgia just a few miles east of interstate 75, you’ll find Berrien County, Georgia, and its county seat, Nashville. Coined as a place that is “two clicks above Mayberry,” Berrien County and Nashville are charming and is your typical rural, small-town place, as described by residents.

Cotton and peanut fields, pine trees, and livestock pastures shape the landscape within the entire county depict the county’s largest industry: agriculture and natural resources. In addition, the county and city have more to offer its residents with other types of industries and an excellent school system. Nashville has a quaint downtown square with shops surrounding its well-known, and beautiful, courthouse. Paradise Public Fishing Area also offers a get-away place from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

However, Berrien County and the city of Nashville were looking for new and innovative ways to tell their story of how they were “building a better Berrien” to the rest of the world and about “the better Nashville” through a branding and creative strategy. This type of strategy helps communicate the ideas and voices to the public more clearly.

Georgia’s Rural Center recently completed a branding and creative project with four entities in Berrien County and Nashville: Berrien County, Berrien County Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development, the city of Nashville, and the Nashville Farmer’s Market.

For this specific project, a task force was selected by community leadership, and the team represented both city and county views. In addition, center staff led three focus groups to gain deeper insights into the community. The Rural Center worked with an outside branding consultant throughout the entire project to bring the brands to life depicting the various entities and the spirit of the community.

After delivering materials to the community, the Rural Center will continue to partner with Berrien County and Nashville with monthly check-ins for a year to ensure successful implementation of the branding and creative strategy. As we continue this project with monthly check-ins, we look forward to providing more updates and sharing their success with you.

To see some of the results, check out the logos below!


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