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Rooted in rural Georgia: Jason Dunn

By Charley Lollis

For the past five years, Director of Fitzgerald and Ben Hill County Development Authority Jason Dunn has spent every day focusing on advancing rural Georgia. He saw a need for an economic resurgence in his community and through Jason’s revitalization efforts, vast improvements have been made to Fitzgerald. He certainly has deep roots in rural Georgia, and he was eager to share his story with us.

Rural Georgia Roots

Jason and his family live in rural Georgia by choice and don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon. “Both my wife and I have education and experience that would allow us to work and live almost anywhere in the world. Our roots, though, are in south Georgia. Never has south Georgia failed to provide my family with the quality of life that we desire. I foresee us being forever vested in rural Georgia as we love its people, its advantages, and are committed to facing its challenges.”

Serving Rural Georgia

Jason serves rural Georgia by trying to make a positive impact every day. That impact may be working on an expansion effort with an existing manufacturer, recruiting a new entrepreneur into the community, assisting Ben Hill’s school system with the launching of a new campaign, going to church, raising great kids, or even announcing the high school baseball game for the local radio station. “You could almost say, my peers and I are serving rural Georgia in most everything we do.”

Rural Georgia Impacts

When asked how rural Georgia has impacted his life, Jason replied, “Rural Georgia has given me a home to raise a wonderful family and an environment in which I can succeed professionally.”

Something Jason wants every rural (and non-rural) Georgian to know

“I would want everyone to know that there’s more to south Georgia than they may realize. It is a wholesome place to raise a family, it is a globally competitive location to conduct the business of most any kind, and it’s home to some of the finest people I’ve ever encountered,” said Jason.

Hope in Rural Communities

Jason has a positive perspective of rural communities and sees hope in the people who reside in rural Georgia.

“They are the backbone and will forever be the strength of rural Georgia. Through their work, rural Georgia will have some successes and continue to tackle the adversity that comes our way,” Jason explained.

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