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Rural Georgia surprises: Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

By: Loren Lindler

Photo credit: Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

Railroads played a critical role in laying the foundation of rural Georgia. Georgia's first railroad tracks were laid in the mid-1830s and contributed greatly to the development of small towns in rural Georgia that many of us now call home.

Today, thousands of tourists travel to Blue Ridge, Georgia, to experience the history of Georgia's railroad line that can't be found anywhere but rural Georgia. Travelers come from near and far for the ride of a lifetime when they board the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. Stretching from Blue Ridge to McCaysville and into Copperhill, Tennessee, tourists and visitors are in for quite a treat.

Your journey begins at the historic depot in downtown Blue Ridge, coined as the "antique capital" of Georgia; so, this small, rural Georgia town has a lot in store for those visiting, especially those who like to find antique treasures. Along the 26-mile trip, riders will experience the Appalachian foothills and farmland that surrounds the tracks, allowing each person to enjoy rural Georgia's picturesque landscapes.

As the train approaches McCaysville and Copperhill, tourists have a fun-filled two hour delay to enjoy a number of eateries, antique shops, art galleries, and so much more.

Now that cooler days are ahead of us and the leaves are beginning to change colors, it sure seems like the perfect time to take a trip on Georgia's Blue Ridge Scenic Railway. What better way to experience rural Georgia than on the tracks that laid the foundation for these rural communities that we now call home? If you're looking to take a ride on the Fall Foliage trip, be sure to book soon!

Or, if you're looking for a winter escape, the Santa Express is the perfect opportunity to meet Santa and Mrs. Claus. The railway also features a New Year's Eve Midnight Train featuring beer, wine, and champagne to ring in the new year.

To learn more about the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway, be sure to check out their website to book your upcoming trip!

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