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Six theme words for rural Georgia in 2021

What is your theme word for 2021? Maybe you're still working on that, because, honestly, its hard to nail down just one word. We can all agree that 2020 was full of uncertainties and crazy changes. But, no matter where you are in rural Georgia, we can all agree that 2021 will be a year to overcome the challenges we faced in the last year.

Whether your 2021 theme word is for yourself, your family, or your business, each and every rural Georgian can have a goal for themselves and their community. So, we thought we would share our theme words for rural Georgia going into 2021.

Scott Blount

2021 Theme Word: Unity

"Regardless of political affiliation, people in rural Georgia face many of the same challenges. COVID is apolitical, and so is unemployment, hunger, and mental illness, among others. Support local businesses and community organizations, and please be kind to each other!"

Janet Cochran

2021 Theme Word: Renewal

"I would like to see rural Georgia grab hold of a sense of reinvention, finding new avenues of success. There is opportunity in rural Georgia if we just look for it."

Bridgett Mobley

2021 Theme Word: Strive

"Along with renewal comes hope and optimism. During this year, I hope to see rural Georgians strive for new opportunities."

Jessica Akins

2021 Theme Word: Discovery

"My hope in 2021 is that all Georgians discover more about rural Georgia. The rural parts of our great state have so much to offer from food to fun places to visit, and I hope Georgians and beyond find at least one discovery that lights a spark about rural Georgia they did not know before 2021."

Loren Lindler

2021 Theme Word: Grit

"Last year was unexpected and testing, but one thing I noticed is that rural Georgia displayed true grit. In this new year, I hope that rural Georgia continues to display their strength and courage, no matter what challenges are presented."

Charley Lollis

2021 Theme Word: Bridge

"The Rural Center has done a great job of educating and helping our rural communities on what it has to offer, but now it’s our turn to showcase rural Georgia to our urban counties. The Rural Center is here to be the bridge in 2021."


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