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Tribute to Speaker David Ralston

With the passing of Speaker David Ralston yesterday, Georgia lost a leader who cared deeply for all Georgians, but his passion for and commitment to bring greater prosperity to rural Georgia was remarkable. His commitment to rural Georgians led to the creation of the House Rural Development Council, among whose many achievements was the passage of HB951, which created Georgia’s Center for Rural Prosperity and Innovation in 2018. His passion for and commitment to rural Georgia, along with that of many other leaders at the State Capitol, has made a difference.

Mr. Speaker, we honor you, pay tribute to your service, and will miss you. Rest in peace.

“Georgia is a growing and prosperous state, and we are thankful for that, but that prosperity isn’t being felt in every community across Georgia. Some of our rural areas are still struggling, and we must do everything we can to help private businesses grow jobs in every corner of our state.” David Ralston.


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